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What are late cancel and no-show fees?

Late Cancel and No-Show Policy

To ensure that all our guests and members have fair access to our facilities, Alchemy has implemented a policy regarding late cancellations and no-shows. Here’s how it works:

Drop-In Users

Late Cancellation: If you cancel your booking less than 6 hours before the scheduled time, you will forfeit your credit.

No-Show: If you do not show up for your booking without cancelling, you will forfeit your credit. This means the credit used for the booking will not be returned or refunded.


Late Cancellation and No-Show: Whether you cancel late (less than 6 hours before the booking) or do not show up at all, a fee of $10 will be charged. This fee is applied to help manage the limited availability and ensure that all members have equal opportunities to enjoy our facilities.

Why We Have This Policy: This policy helps us manage our booking schedule more effectively, ensuring that as many members and guests as possible can enjoy Alchemy’s offerings. It also recognises the value of the time slot that could have been offered to someone else if sufficient notice were given.


What are the plans and pricing?

Alchemy offers the flexibility of two types of bookings.


From $30 per week

Includes: Unlimited access for less than 2 sessions a week

Pay As You Go

From $20 per session

Includes: One sauna session, maximum flexibility, access all venues.

Group Bookings

Group bookings are also available by contacting



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It’s my first sauna, what do I do?

Remember to bring a towel to sit on (and a second towel if you’re planning on using the icebath or showers) and a large water bottle

Don’t eat less than 1 hour before and hydrate before, during and after your session.

Start with 10 min sauna, 1 min ice and 5 min rest. Repeat twice, then build up from there.